by Wardove

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Wardove – Raw War is a no budget recording project made in a trailer in East Gresham with recycled equipment. This fictional narrative contains the lyrical flashback of someone who was sent off to war still very much a child and how the influences of that conflict were emotionally troubling upon transition back to society.

Made cheaply in EG. Please recycle your old electronics.

The author of the work Wardove-RAWWAR hereby waives all claim of copyright (economic and moral) in this work and immediately places it in the public domain; it may be used, improved, distorted, performed, or destroyed in any manner whatsoever without further attribution or notice to the creator.

Eat. Drink. Each piece is a clue.
1. Onion Shaped Heart
Go ahead take a slice,
The meat will make you cry.
2. The Hungry Ghost
Let's make a good man,
And put a mechanical heart in his chest.
This patriot is hungry,
And the flesh is doomed to die.
3. Take Leave
Frightened, Ecstatic, Erratic
Take a little vacation and only pack rotten fruit.
4. War
5. Raping Liberty
The flesh will fuck to stay alive.
6. Just Kill A Man
Pit bulls will bite.
The flesh will kill to stay alive.
7. Home
You can never go home again.
8. Anti-Climax
I've got an alien baby growing in my belly,
And it is about to explode.
We'd better get out and we better go somewhere,
Because it is going to be fucking disastrous.
I'm liable to be smashing shit.
9.More Nightmares
10. One Shakey Trip Back
Why do so many stories have to start out with that time I got fucked up?
11. Down In The Rose Bushes
Are you willing to accept the truth? I am.
I found it somewhere between heartache and the rest of life.


To anonymous, all unidentified collage pieces, Mom, the katet Jamerika, the Nut House, the Knuckles, the homies, the baptism of peers, the Wardoves, and everyone who loves.

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released December 25, 2005




Wardove Coal Hill, Arkansas

DJ Wardove - (Timothy S. Stafford) is a producer, artist, and a member of the underground collective known as New Cocoon founded by Wormhole and Slew in 2005.

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